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Re: IO error during install

After reading a previous post I thought I would pay more attention to my
errors. Someone mentioned having problems with DMA and I thought I saw
reference to that on one of my screens (sorry I don't know the technical
term for ctrl+alt+F3 & F4 ) So I thought I would turn it off and give
the install one more try. I don't know how to disable it in the kernel
so when I got to the first screen I went to ctrl+alt+F2 and typed
hdparm -d0 /dev/hdc . After that install finished fine.

graphical boot is pretty nice but if it's going to be graphical I would
prefer it to be graphical from the get go (and yes I would like to have
a choice to see behind the scenes, I know this sounds familiar) Please
put a different image on there also, something like the first RedHat
screen that comes up during install would be nice

Now to see if I can get my nic driver on there without burning a cd.

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 08:11, listman depfyffer com wrote:
> Ok, Ive gone through this before with Linux installs but don't remember
> how I solved it.
> I have an asus A7N266-VM motherboard (yes I know not totally Linux friendly)
> 20 gig WD set to master on IDE 1
> internal plextor 40x12x40 set to master on IDE 2
> during install I get an IO error on F3 and can see hdc atapi reset
> complete on F4 (not sure if thats exactly what it says, I'm at work right
> now)
> I think the last time I went through this I set the cd-rom to CS instead
> of master. Can any one give me some advice on how to solve this (if
> setting to CS doesn't fix it) or find out what is causing this. I do not
> have any problems installing several different versions of that other OS.
> Thanks for you help
> --
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