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3rd-Party Apps: Compatibility Report

Evenin' all...

Not sure if this is the correct forum for the following material, but I'll post it anyway. Perhaps it might help others in a roundabout way.

9.0.93 installed without fuss or incident on my dual Athlon 2000+ box. The resolution applet is a welcome touch (I like to work on a big screen -- 1600x1200 -- and it's nice not to have to fuss with XF86Config tweaks.

Installed J2SDK-1.4.2: NP.

Installed JEdit-1.4-final: NP, once I fed JAVA_HOME into the equation.

Installed MySQL-4.0.14-0 (binary RPMs): Crashed and burned during server start (segfault). Installs fine on RH 8 and 9.

Installed Samba-3.0-beta3: Installs and runs like a top. I removed all samba* RPMs first, then simply "rpm -ivh"d the single binary. One unexpected and welcome bonus -- redhat-config-samba- functions flawlessly with Samba 3.0. Added users, shares, passwords, the whole works, without error. *If* Allison et. al. manage to get the final out before RHL 10 ships, it might be a worthy inclusion to consider for the final release. I've been using Samba 3 (alpha and beta) on my main file server for almost year now without a single hiccup or loss of data. Highly recommended.

Overall, nice work gents.

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