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Re: perl modules missing?

On 24 Jul 2003, Chip Turner wrote:

> Nope; there have been no major changes to perl except for perl itself,
> but those changes should be backwards compatible.  Looks like you're
> missing perl-XML-LibXML, which we have never shipped (though since it
> is one I maintain for some of RHN's internal software, I may stick it
> on people somewhere if there is interest).  Maybe we can get it in the
> official Cambridge++; I personally find it immensely powerful.
> Chip
Speaking of useful perl module's, I have been using the Newt.pm module for 
a while, and have patched several times.  Unfortunately, my PAUSE account
is not updated, so I have not been able to get thing back to CPAN (and
the original author as gone away...).  Anyway, this thing allows one to 
use libnewt in perl, and the one below:


works against RH 9 and 7.3 with know problems.  It would be cool to see 
this in some RH release.  I know most people are doing the gui thing, but 
some of us do serial port based console's on our machines and a nice perl 
library to hook into the libnewt stuff is quite nice.


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