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RE: vmware 4.0

Title: RE: vmware 4.0

I have found that VMWare 4.0 has some networking issues.  Using VMWare's NAT network I have had to manually configure the network on each OS.  I have found that .2 is the gateway for the network.  It also depends on what VMWare setup as your VMNet IP addresses.  VMWare tools installed just fine on mine but once I did that VMWare crashes. 

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I'm unable to make vmware work correctly on Severn.
I'm unable to setup vmware tools (Net, Graphics) which are really useful. The mouse is slow (probably because vmware tools are not installed).

The default driver is pcnet32 (AMD 79c970, PCNET32 Lance), it loads OK, but then the network script say the cable is not plugged... The host OS (linux RH9) has network running just fine and the second vmware machine (Win2k) is also running fine with network and vmware tools. Does anyone have ideas on how to do it working? Thanks -jec

PS: why is the kernel compiled with gcc 3.2.3 and the installed compiler is 3.3?

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