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Re: vmware 4.0

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 15:14, Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm unable to make vmware work correctly on Severn.
> I'm unable to setup vmware tools (Net, Graphics) which are really
> useful.
> The mouse is slow (probably because vmware tools are not installed).
> The default driver is pcnet32 (AMD 79c970, PCNET32 Lance), it loads OK,
> but then the network script say the cable is not plugged...
> The host OS (linux RH9) has network running just fine and the second
> vmware machine (Win2k) is also running fine with network and vmware
> tools.
> Does anyone have ideas on how to do it working?
> Thanks
> -jec
> PS: why is the kernel compiled with gcc 3.2.3 and the installed compiler
> is 3.3?

The kernel isn't quite ready for being compiled with gcc 3.3 as 3.3 is a
bit less forgiving on some constructs than 3.2.x.

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