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Re: Network install failure

Matt Whiteley wrote:
I have tried to use the network install many times.  This is an attempt
with the .iso files.  Whenever I put them in a web or ftp directory, the
The network install methods are: nfs, ftp, http, nfsiso, httpdisc, and ftpdisc.

- nfs, ftp, and http installs work off of a unified tree (All rpms in a single tree) that is accessible via the given protocol.

- nfsiso works off of an nfs directory containing the isos (and nothing else!). No other network install method can use raw isos.

- ftpdisc and httpdisc work off of a directory containing the split tree (one subdirectory per disc). So you might point the installer at http://myserver/Severn/discs/ where the discs directory contains subdirectories disc1, disc2, and disc3 which themselves contain the contents of the three discs. The idea behind these methods is that you can loopback mount the three isos on your server, make those mountpoint accessible via ftp or http, and run a network install off of that.

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