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Re: Bring back configurability in expert mode

> And maintain two installers?  That sounds like a horrible waste of
> already limited resources.  I'd rather be able to share the effort and
> spend the time I save by only having one installer to work on so that I
> can work on other things too.  Especially because installers are boring,
> really...  you run them once and that's it.  It's a lot better to have
> cool tools to use *after* you've installed :)

I'd like to add that there are so many cool things you can do on an
installed and booted system.

In this, the best of all possible worlds, the user would install an
absolutely trivially small system with anaconda- using anaconda to most
of the unfun things like partition disks and setup devices initially and
what not.

Then they would boot up and be able to install all the crazy cool things
via redhat-config-packages or yum or apt or something like that. Calling
on lots of additional resources at that point and, ideally being
scriptable by any of those tools so those of us doing LOTS of rollouts
of systems don't have to touch the console.

in short, jeremy is absolutely right - forcing more options into the
installer is just new levels of suck. 


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