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Re: Bring back configurability in expert mode

I don't think they need the advanced configurability in redhat 10.
99 times out of a hundred you just the standard configuration works great.
I always go through and manually remove packages after the fact...
Or start with a miniml install and add packages in that I need specifically.

How many people really use this funcionality?
Newbies just want the base install to work, adding extra functinality just
adds potential bugsies.

Experts? Well experts can just rpm -e the packages they don't want.

This sort of items is a bitch to test, the number of combinations is mind
boggling....reminds me of my time making test cases for my brief time as a
QA hardware driver tester.

> ** Reply to message from Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> on Thu, 24 Jul
> 2003 13:48:48 -0400
> [snip]
>> Leave the dummy installer in RHEL and give those who want the
>> > "expert" mode exactly what they want in RHLP's installer.
>> And maintain two installers?  That sounds like a horrible waste of
>> already limited resources.

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