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Re: Feature Request

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 16:20, Ethan Bonick wrote:

> My problem had been that the other distros dont have the configuration
> tools redhat does. I just thought Linux was about choices and we just seem
> to be losing them as we "progress." Dont get me wrong I dont want ot go
> back to RH5.2 text only install, but I would like to be able to configure
> the install a little bit.

But you have to be realistic about configuration tools.  If you are
looking for a vast increase in the number of options, and thus the
complexity, of basic things like filesystems, there will be an
exponential increase in the codebase necessary for configuration
tools.   There are only limited resources available.   As linuxconf
demonstrated, you have to be REALLY good at writing configuration tools,
or you end up with a big mess.

For configuration that supports more things than the redhat-config-*
tools, have you tried webmin?  IMO, the webmin developers do a much
better job at keeping up with things than linuxconf did.


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