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Re: Network install failure

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 09:04, Mike McLean wrote:
> <snip>
> The network install methods are: nfs, ftp, http, nfsiso, httpdisc, and 
> ftpdisc.
> - nfs, ftp, and http installs work off of a unified tree (All rpms in a 
> single tree) that is accessible via the given protocol.
> - nfsiso works off of an nfs directory containing the isos (and nothing 
> else!).  No other network install method can use raw isos.
> - ftpdisc and httpdisc work off of a directory containing the split tree 
> (one subdirectory per disc).  So you might point the installer at 
> http://myserver/Severn/discs/ where the discs directory contains 
> subdirectories disc1, disc2, and disc3 which themselves contain the 
> contents of the three discs.  The idea behind these methods is that you 
> can loopback mount the three isos on your server, make those mountpoint 
> accessible via ftp or http, and run a network install off of that.

This was so much easier and complete to understand than what I read in
the manual.


Matt Whiteley <matt-whiteley comcast net>

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