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Re: Feature Request

> The real question is will redhat accept patches to add xfs, and
reiserfs support to the installer?

NOTE: The following applied to Red Hat 9, I have not tried out the new beta.

Yes they do accept patches, but it is a complicated topic. Anaconda itself already has low level support for the filesystems you listed - it just does not allow users to select those options in the GUI. By booting CD 1 with "linux reiserfs" or "linux xfs" the GUI would allow you to create a partition of the desired type, and could also upgrade a non-raid partition of the desired type.

In April I supplied patches that allowed anaconda to support reiserfs on a root raid, and the patches were put into rawhide a month or two ago. Unless Red Hat recently ripped the code out, all it needs is a boot kernel built with the reiserfs module (Red Hat 9 had such a kernel). Look at the anaconda code to see how to support additional file systems on raid/LVM, it is only about 10 lines or so per fs type. See fsset.py and partedUtils.py and grep for reiserfs. The patched anaconda properly recognizes/mounts reiserfs on raid when invoked from Red Hat 9 CD1 with "linux rescue reiserfs updates" and with "linux reiserfs updates". The updates parameter tells anaconda to load patched files from floppy. See the following URL for more detail:


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