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Re: Feature Request

Benjamin Vander Jagt wrote:


I switched to ReiserFS, because my brother and I simply couldn't play
Quake3 or Unreal Tournament 2003 when every ten minutes, we'd get slowed
to nearly a halt while the hard drive goes nuts.

Plus, I used to get a lot of power outages.  Ext3 has, a few times, been
totally destroyed (even fsck doesn't find data) where I have *never*
lost *any* data to ReiserFS, even on two test hard drives that were
loaded with bad sectors.  When I switched to ReiserFS, I did so for the
performance, believing all the rhetoric that it wasn't as reliable as

This has been my experience as well. I maintain Rackable's burnin setup which runs under linux. I've shifted to rieserfs as it is far less likely to leave me in a unusable state if I blow a fuse in a rack and down 40 systems in Cerberus burnin. There use to be issues with it in the early days, but reiserfs is rock solid for me. And yes I'm run at 100s of systems thru 24-48 burnin. And yes my burnin tests includes a looped data corruption test on every drive.

Once you have their hardware. Never give it back.
(The First Rule of Hardware Acquisition)
Sam Flory  <sflory rackable com>

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