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Re: perl modules missing?

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 12:33, Chip Turner wrote:
> Michel Alexandre Salim <mas118 york ac uk> writes:
> > I get the following while trying to install Mono packages for RH9 on
> > Severn. AFAIR they installed fine on a stock RH9 setup - but I could not
> > remember exactly if Ximian Desktop 2 was installed at the time.
> > 
> > In any case it should not matter, since XD2 does not include Perl. Has
> > there been a major overhaul of RH's Perl packages between RH9 and
> > Severn? FYI I have all packages from 3 CDs installed.
> Nope; there have been no major changes to perl except for perl itself,
> but those changes should be backwards compatible.  Looks like you're
> missing perl-XML-LibXML, which we have never shipped (though since it
> is one I maintain for some of RHN's internal software, I may stick it
> on people somewhere if there is interest).  Maybe we can get it in the
> official Cambridge++; I personally find it immensely powerful.
I thought so but I could not remember installing perl-XML-LibXML ..
bizarre. Using RPMfind, between Ximian, Red Hat and FreshRPMS only
FreshRPMS has it in a 'testing' section; I wonder what Ximian's Mono
RPMs are compiled against then.

Guess I'll try rebuilding them for Severn ... then again someone else
tried compiling Mono and apparently it segfaulted. Ah well.

Would be nice to have XML, SAX etc. Perl modules built-in next time



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