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Re: Any luck with Mono?

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 09:10, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi - I'm trying out dashboard, and i seem to be having some major issues
> installing mono on severn. I've tried both the most recent stable
> release (0.25.1 i think), and the most recent cvs. The error always
> occurs when trying to compile w/ mcs - running mono
> /usr/local/bin/mcs.exe always segfaults. It's not the source code's
> fault - i use it on rh9 and it works like a charm.
I tried with 0.25-1.ximian.6 built for RH9 as well as 0.25-1.ximian.5
(the latest SRPM) recompiled on Severn; segfaults here as well.

> Maybe i missed something in the release notes, but this seems like a
> major issue (i can file something in bugzilla if noone here has gotten
> it working).
Perhaps you might want to talk about it on Mono lists as well and
perhaps Ximian's Mono Bugzilla. There's no post about Severn on their
lists up until now.

This is rather annoying - of the two RSS feed readers I know of that
uses Gtk, the Python one (straw) has some db4 problems - once the
database is corrupted one has to wipe config files, the other one
(GtkSharpRSS) uses Mono.



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