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Re: Any luck with Mono?

On 25 Jul 2003, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 22:10, Matt Jones wrote:
> > Hi - I'm trying out dashboard, and i seem to be having some major issues
> > installing mono on severn. I've tried both the most recent stable
> > release (0.25.1 i think), and the most recent cvs. The error always
> > occurs when trying to compile w/ mcs - running mono
> > /usr/local/bin/mcs.exe always segfaults. It's not the source code's
> > fault - i use it on rh9 and it works like a charm.
> > 
> > Maybe i missed something in the release notes, but this seems like a
> > major issue (i can file something in bugzilla if noone here has gotten
> > it working).
> It's caused by exec-shield.  `echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield` is
> a workaround until the right magic is present to handle turning it
> on/off dynamically on a per-executable basis .

seeing your post, I thought I would try turning off exec-shield while
running matlab with the '-nojvm' option.  Yesterday I mentioned that
it segfaults.

Now I see that, with exec-shield off, it works...   this is 
matlab version (R13)

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