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Initial Install Comments on Laptop and Server that Require ACPI support

I installed Severn on an HP ze-1210 laptop and a Tyan MP2466 dual Athlon 
server. Neither had been previous candidates for Red Hat because both needed 
ACPI support to function well; both functioned well using Mandrake 9.1.

An "everything" install was done on both machines. Just a few quick 


The S3 TwisterK video chip was correctly detected, but the LCD display was not 
automatically detected. What information must I supply for the hardware 

I needed to manually load the ACPI modules( added to rc.local -- is there a 
better way?), but all work well: CPU temp went from 58C to 44C after the 
modules were loaded.


Due to the lack of reiserfs support in the install, I was unable to use disk 
druid to mount existing reiserfs partitions (for /var/www and /var/ftp) 
during the install. I understand the 'issues' about non-ext3 for the root 
partition, but come on folks, this is an annoyance.

It would be nice if numlock were activated during the install.

I noticed that multihead config support is on the horizon, but I have not yet 
had time to thoroughly explore everything.

Hoyt Duff

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