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Re: Severn and Mozilla Firebird?

I'm running Mozilla Firebird & Thunderbird under Severn from 22-Jul-2003 builds at: http://rykros.ath.cx/~calum/mozilla/

They're compiled with XFT, so you keep your pretty fonts :)


Joe wrote:

Kyle Maxwell wrote:

Has anyone had any difficulty (or success) running Mozilla Firebird
under Severn? I'm trying to run v0.6 (build 2003051615) and it just
/path/to/MozillaFirebird/run-mozilla.sh: line 454: 21714 Segmentation
fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

Or should I take this to a Mozilla Firebird list somewhere? It ran
beautifully on the same system running Red Hat 9 until I upgraded to
9.0.93 last night.

I see exactly the same result here - and also with netscape 7.1, and I see this on shrike as well.

Netscape 7.02 and mozilla 1.4 work fine however.


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