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Re: graphical boot and kudzu

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On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 15:04:55 +0200, Pavel Rozenboim wrote:

> I guess I run into "issues" with graphical boot and kudzu, mentioned in
> release notes. The boot process is stuck when hardware detection is
> performed. 

Similar thing here, but not enough for bugzilla. 

When graphical boot didn't proceed during hardware detection, I
killed the X server, then found a corrupted kudzu text screen on
ALT+F8. It said something like it would be going to remove my
Generic Serial Mouse. Text was hardly readable. Because of the
corrupted display I could not navigate the text-mode buttons
correctly either. F?-buttons didn't seem to work.

Somehow I managed to quit it, though. I then ran mouseconfig, selected
Generic Serial Mouse (3 buttons) and exited: Python traceback, hardly
readable (but complaining about "Keyword: DEVICE"), due to corrupted
virtual console again. Ran "reset", "chkconfig kudzu off", removed
/etc/sysconfig/mouse and ran mouseconfig again. Due to console reset,
it displayed line characters incorrectly. Upon exit I got

  Shutting down console mouse services:   [FAILED]
  Starting console mouse services:        [  OK  ]

and then my machine was locked up completely. Had to press reset

Reboot came as far as displaying the gdm login screen. But I was
without mouse and without keyboard. Only activity was the blinking
cursor and syncing Software RAID. Everything else was dead.


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