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Re: vmware 4.0

Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
I'm unable to make vmware work correctly on Severn.
I'm unable to setup vmware tools (Net, Graphics) which are really
The mouse is slow (probably because vmware tools are not installed).

The default driver is pcnet32 (AMD 79c970, PCNET32 Lance), it loads OK,
but then the network script say the cable is not plugged...
The host OS (linux RH9) has network running just fine and the second
vmware machine (Win2k) is also running fine with network and vmware
Does anyone have ideas on how to do it working?

Ah, you mean you are unable to configure Severn on a VMware machine that is running in VMware 4.0?

To get the network interface up, make /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 look like:

check_link_down() {
	return 1;


PS: why is the kernel compiled with gcc 3.2.3 and the installed compiler
is 3.3?

The reasons why have been explained by others. However, you can just use gcc3.3 that comes with Severn..

The latest VMware for Linux WS ( VMware 4.0.1 )vmware-tools install asks if you want to use gcc 3.3 even though it doesn't match the gcc the kernel was built with...I just said yes..

And everything worked ok. A couple of complaints but that's it. Shared folders work ok, the vmware service for guests runs ok, and the XFree86 driver was installed too. I now enjoy fullscreen 1280x1024 Severn VM.

Only problem I have seen is odd colours for URLs in mozilla.

CHeers, Michael

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