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Re: taroon upgrade option?


On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 14:06, Chris Kloiber wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 15:29, Christopher McCrory wrote:
> > Hello...
> > 
> > 	Is there no upgrade option with taroon?  I did a gingin64 (opteron) ->
> > taroon upgrade that became an install.  Did I miss something?  
> > 
> I believe the upgrade option of the Taroon installer is only available
> if you are upgrading from Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS or WS (version
> 2.1). That could be a problem on an AMD64 based system.

That makes sense :)

After some testing I screwed my install up to the point it would not boot.
Solution? Upgrade again :)  This time, still no upgrade option.  It would be
nice to have this in the case of first install was minimal.  then load CDs
and 'update' adding , Gnome, devel, compat, etc.

Christopher McCrory
 "The guy that keeps the servers running"
chrismcc pricegrabber com
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no 'mute rays.' And even if there were, waxed paper is
no defense.  I tried it.  Only tinfoil works.

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