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Re: rh-postgresql in taroon

Le dim 27/07/2003 à 19:09, George J Karabin a écrit : 
> On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 09:14, Féliciano Matias wrote:
> > Why redhat have renamed postgresql rpm to rh-postgresql in taroon ?
> > is rh-postgresql a fork of postgresql like egcs ?
> > is rh-postgresql not incompatible with postgresql ?
> See http://sources.redhat.com/rhdb/faq.html#2

The rename append in rhdb 2.0 and not in taroon (sorry).

From the faq :
>2. What are the differences between PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition and
>PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition is a database offering from Red Hat that
>is built on the community project PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL - Red Hat
>Edition includes a stable/enhanced/tested version of PostgreSQL,
>enhanced documentation, graphical and text installers, and the
>PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition Graphical Tools (Administrator and Visual

> Red Hat Edition includes a stable/enhanced/tested version of

like RedHat does with gnome, XFree86, ...

> enhanced documentation

The documentation is mostly the same with the one which come with
postgresql (excellent).

> graphical and text installers

This is only for the iso image distribution and not part of
(rh-)postgresql package.

> Red Hat Edition Graphical Tools (Administrator and Visual Explain).

This tools are in rhdb package. No problem here.

If i check the release note of rhdb 2.1 ( http://ftp.rhnet.is/pub/redhat/rhdb/2.1/en/iso/i386/RELEASE-NOTES ) :

>2. Enhancements and Changes Included in Red Hat Database 2.1
>   . Red Hat Database is now powered by the latest stable community version
>     of PostgreSQL, 7.2.3, plus specific enhancements back ported from
>     PostgreSQL 7.3.

the rh-postgresql package is mostly from the postgresql project. And i
really appreciate the redhat participation to postgresql (BSD).

I also want to know if "PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition" will be available
to rhlp. rhdb 2.1 is currently available to rhl 8.0 .

As I understand, the difference between RHE and RHLP is in the support
and RHLP is more sync with the upstream (no extended Attributes and no
samba 3 (hum, sound strange) for example).

If rhdb is a project and RHLP don't follow its upstream, we are now
faced with a new question :
What else ?

RedHat should give more details. I don't want to see rh-httpd, rh-gnome,
rh-samba, ... only available in RHE.

Everyone here spend some time building a better RedHat system. RedHat
get cash from RHE and its support. It was simple. Now I am a little

PS: sorry for my poor English.


Féliciano Matias <feliciano matias free fr>

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