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Re: Who Monitors this list

On Sunday 27 July 2003 21:53, Terry R Linhardt wrote:
> To what extent does RedHat monitor this list? My intuition is that there
> are a lot of issues posted here which may never be reported via
> Bugzilla. Comments ?  Is a formal report using Bugzilla the only way
> problems get resolved?

Don't go as far as thinking the ~only~ way to get something resolved is 
Bugzilla but it's a better bet than most other options.

People really should post RFEs and reproduceable issues to Bugzilla. Then, 
if more discussions is desired, I suggest posting a message here including 
the Bugzilla link for people to get involved in if they can.

For example, in a previous life, on another list, people would post a 
Bugzila entry to a mailing list and if I was interested or experienced I 
could add my own comments and myself to the CC list. Allows for easier 
following of issues than always coming back / monitoring the list...

So, in summary:

- Bugs w/ reproductions steps, of all kinds related to packages RH ships, 
should go into Bugzilla.
- Requests for Enhancement (RFE) should also go into Bugzilla.

In both cases posting to the list post-Bugzilla (w/ the Bugzilla link) isn't 
a bad thought to get more discussion and allow people to append their own 
experience to the Bugzilla entry.

MO only of course.. I'm not a Mad Hatter.

Cheers, -Ali

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