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Re: PHP4 + Apache2 = Experimental

Mohamed Eldesoky disse:
> What about apache's worker module ??
> Will the new PHP work with it ??


It seems that PHP may work with both "normal" and pre-fork thread model of

For what I could see, RedHat's Apache is NOT compiled with pre-fork
support, so it should not be an issue.

If someone is interested, I created Apache 2.0.46 and PHP 4.3.1's RPM (I'm
working on 4.3.2) on my site:

Note that Apache 2.0.46 is not compatible with custom modules built for
the RedHat's Apache (this is the reason for RedHat's not shipping the
latest version of Apache, if I could understand well) so if you use custom
modules, think about it before upgrading Apache 2.

Marco Ermini

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