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Re: Yum, autoupdate (was: Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical)

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 01:42:33PM +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> > OK, my first experiences using the yum rpm for RHL9 on RHL9:
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> yum rpm for RHL9 on RHL9?
> Or did you mean "yum rpm for RHL9 on RHL9.0.93"?

Nope, I really meant RHL9, the final version.

> Weird. I've been using Yum on Shrike without any such problems at
> all. Is it reproducible for you? Based on "sometimes it segfaults",
> it doesn't sound like it is. Bad RAM-chips maybe?

Well, it's one of our test systems that I never have problems with
(and we generate also kernel rpm's on that system ;-)), so this is
not very likely.  I can reproduce it pretty easy, in many cases it
seems to segfault (I didn't count, but my guess is in 30 or 40% of
the installs I tested - I did this with one single rpm, b.t.w.).

> > -  How can I do special actions, like installing a kernel i.s.o.
> >    upgrading it?
> Hmm, it installs a new kernel instead of upgrading the old one.

Yeah, in the meantime I did notice this.  Anyway, I started a new
thread on the Yum mailing list, with more specific requirements
in this area.

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--    X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV   |   Phone: +31 20 6938364
--    Amsterdam, The Netherlands        |     Fax: +31 20 6948204

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