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oopses with Severn (was Re: Massive kernel oopses with Taroon beta 1

Bill Nottingham wrote:

Felipe Alfaro Solana (felipe_alfaro linuxmail org) said:

I'm experiencing massive oops using Taroon's kernel on an AMD Athlon
laptop. This is so serious that, after booting or using the system for a
while, the filesystems gets completely corrupted and even "fsck" is
unable to repair it.

There are known issues with Athlons and the beta 1 kernel. As a workaround,
use the i686 kernel for now.

Bill, I'm running an Athlon Thunderbird 1.0Gb here, and I'm having similar
problems with Severn. Of *eight* attempted installs, this is the _third_ successful
one. How long severn will last, is a huge question. Between last night and today,
I've installed Severn several times, either the Personal Desktop, Workstation
(with selected applications), and Workstation (default apps).
So far (... at least, on *my* machine) "Severn" seems to be consonant with
'crash and burn'.

Elton :-(

"You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
LINUX Registered User #193975. AMD-K7 ATHLON CPU power on board.

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