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Re: package wishlist

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 16:25, lfarkas bnap hu wrote:
> hi,
> I'd like to see the following packages in the next rh release (of course
> the latest from everything). these are required for a minimal working
> soltion which can comparable with windows clients and servers.
> on the client side:
> - acrobatreader

Um, Red Hat Linux comes with xpdf already.  Obviously Adobe's Acrobat
Reader cannot be included -- it is not free or open source.  (Windows
doesn't come with this either, now does it?)  It's just as easy to
download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux as it is for
Windows, however.

I really only replied to make that point, but here's some other

> - ntfs driver

Already been rehashed; please see the previous discussion.  I think it's
fair to say it won't be included, my guesses based on this discussion.

> - yum as the most usable and free package updater, we use it for a long time.

Yum is in rawhide, so it will probably be in a future release.  Been
discussed here already too.

> - rdiff-backup (with librsync and rsync compiled to use librsync) for
> incretemntal backup.

This would be cool, I agree.

> - samba 3 or at least both samba 2.x and 3.x.

Been quite a lot of discussion already on samba 3...


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