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Re: more system failures with Severn.... (on an Athlon)

Ethan Bonick wrote:

2.6 prerelease kernel.  I guess this means serious problems for the AMD
here.  Compared to most of 'em on the list, I'm running a fairly "old"
(about 4 years): AMD Athlon,  nVidia (3 D Labs) card, and Viewsonic 17.

Before my last crash and burn, I tried installing the nVidia drivers,
and it could not create the needed module. Sounds logical though, since
I imagine there would be some need of updating or patching to support
the present kernel in Severn.

I installed 2.6.0-test1 one today on ath 700 over ssh and rebooted the machine, it came up fine and i just ssh'd in to check it. Granted I am not running anything on it yet. I also did to my ath 1800 and rebooted, but it didnt come back up. So its not "old" hardware causing it. I also have rage128 pro vid on the 700. Will try beta on my ibm 600E later and maybe I can have sound again wiht 2.6 kernel.

I took a clue from Bill Nottingham who was responding to a message regading
kernel oopses with AMD's and the Taroon beta. Looks like the same case for
AMD and Severn...


"You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
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