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Re: Rant about not being able to test X config in anaconda

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 16:15, Nick Marsh wrote:
> It really bothers me that there is no way to test X config in anaconda. 
> If anaconda doesn’t probe your settings correctly, and/or you don't set 
> them correctly, it becomes a challenge to get past firstboot.

If they don't get probed correctly, then you end up in the text mode
installer.  If you have a situation where the installer X config works
but the post-install doesn't, *please* file in bugzilla (preferably with
both X configs -- the one for the installer environment is in /tmp
during the install and can be scp'd off or copied to a floppy).  

The problem is that on a non-trivial amount of hardware, the system will
hard lock if you have multiple X servers running.  So people would click
on "Test Settings" and they end up with no X configuration at all
written out.  It's a lot nicer if we get you a working configuration
(even if its not optimal) and then let you tweak it after the
installation where you're actually in an environment that's not full of
weird things.



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