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Re: package whichlist

lfarkas bnap hu wrote:

I'd like to see the following packages in the next rh release (of course
the latest from everything). these are required for a minimal working
soltion which can comparable with windows clients and servers.
on the client side:
- acrobatreader
- gtkdiff for visual diff
- ntfs driver
- keychain
- flash plugin
- infrared support (automatic recognition), and gprs support through
infrared connection.

on the server side:
- dovecot imap server (AFAIS is already in the beta), we alredy use it in
our production env. with 300 users.
- yum as the most usable and free package updater, we use it for a long time.
- mdadm since on all raid list everybody suggest to forget about raidtool
and use mdadm.
- rdiff-backup (with librsync and rsync compiled to use librsync) for
incretemntal backup.
- openldap
- latest nss_ldap and pam_ldap
- directory_administrator (support for samba 3 schema).
- samba 3 or at least both samba 2.x and 3.x.
- freeswan with x509 (since this is the only vpn solution which has linux
and windows clients). the best would be if rh kernel contains ipsec and we
no longer has to recompile the kernel for freeswan! I'd like to see
freeswan 2.01 with x509 or the best a with super freeswan.
- l2tpd-0.69-7jdl

the redhat christmas wishlist [RFE] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/

my list, not filled yet:

xxdiff -

healey 100/4 - eg. http://www.vintagemotorssarasota.com/Car_pages/Austin_Healy/55austinhealy/55austinhealy.htm


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