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ACPI/PCMCIA, cdrom/smartd, VESA settings issues with laptop

I just installed Severn on my Toshiba 2595CDT (BTW,
thanks, Bill!)...

I've run into a couple of problems -- I'd like to know
if anybody else has seen these same problems and any
ideas (I'll bugzilla if necessary).

1 -- ACPI doesn't work. With ACPI enabled, booting
hangs when PCMCIA is supposed to start. Adding
acpi=off to the grub line will let me boot up. Same
thing happened during the install.

2 -- What is smartd? After logging in, machine hung
during Gnome start-up during "CD Device Handler"
message (happened several times). I finally realized
(after getting rhgb stopped) that smartd was giving me
a "Drive Ready Seek Complete Error" with my cdrom (at
boot). After stopping smartd, I was able to get into
Gnome without any problems.

3 -- How can I get an 800x600 virtual console? With
previous versions, I've been able to pass vga=788 as a
kernel parameter at boot to get a console that fills
my whole screen (800x600 laptop LCD). Doesn't work
anymore (but rhgb doesn't work when I do try to pass
that parameter).

Any insight is welcome!

Andrew Lofthouse

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