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Re: more system failures with Severn.... (on an Athlon)

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Elton Woo wrote:

> bugs? you betcha! ... and to think that some in this list are already
> running the 2.6 prerelease kernel.

time to toss in the towel, methinks.  i've been struggling for the last
day or so to try to get a working system of:

  dell inspiron 8100
  severn base install
  kernel-2.6.0 testx kernel
  nvidia driver for geforce2go card
  linksys wireless pcmcia card
  logitech optical PS/2 mouse

as it stands, i can generally get some subset of the above working
at any one time, but so far, have been unable to get it all going at

if i can get wireless, for some reason, the nvidia driver fails to build.  
if i try to use the 2.6.0 kernel, i lose wireless.  my last attempt cost
me my optical PS/2 mouse. any attempt to use the 2.6.0-test2 kernel causes
a kernel panic.

now, i'm aware that, this being a severn list, use of a beta kernel is
outside the mandate of the list, but i'm pretty spoiled by the new
kernel, and i've been using it happily for several weeks now under
RH 9.  so it's frustrating to think that, to test severn, i have to
sacrifice my kernel.  

time to back off to RH 9 and wait for the next beta, i think.  bummer.


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