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Re: realtek 8139too

I've had this. It seems that the kudzu/modprobe systems don't have an entry for that chip quite right and so that linux doesn't properly assign the IRQ and IO address to the plug n play NIC (all pci cards?). A work around is to go into the bios setup and tell it that the OS is not plug n play compatible. Then when you boot, the bios will assign the resources and it's likely to work. When you identify a proper fix set the bios back and test it. I started having this problem with version 8. There's been attempts to fix it but I think it's an ongoing task to maintain a hardware list somewhere.

Scott Becker

Ethan Bonick wrote:

I upgraded my rh9 to kernel 2.6 and my realtek 8139 stopped working. It
can't ping anything. I then upgraded to RHL 9.0.93 and still no luck.
Anyone else having this problem?

module 8139too

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