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Re: Yum, autoupdate (was: Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical)

> -  yum-arch -z does not seem to compress the headers

-z became the default case and should probably be removed and replaced
with -n (no compress)

> -  pkgpolicy=last does not work as expected: when I have installed
>    a version of package X (from the first yum server) and I add
>    a second yum server with another version of package X, yum does
>    not see a need to update package X!  When I install package X if
>    not installed, it indeed takes the version from the second server.
>    (serverid's are 01something and 02somethingelse).

I'm going to need more information on the failure here.

> -  yum install sometimes segfaults when installing a package

I'm going to need A LOT MORE information on this one.

what versions of rpm installed, which kernel, what other things are
going on.

This has never happened for me and I test yum in all sorts of dumb

> -  How can I do special actions, like installing a kernel i.s.o.
>    upgrading it?

it does this automagically.

> -  Furthermore I probably want to be able to run scripts before
>    or after rpm actions being done (like the LUA scripts in
>    apt-rpm).  I know this is Python and it should be probably
>    pretty easy to add...

All things are easy - and all things take time and planning to keep from
screwing them up badly.

I'm not sure where I'd want the arbitrary run stuff to occur - I've
mostly estimated it being done AFTER the fact - not before.


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