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Re: Mysql 4.x

On 29 Jul 2003, Paul Iadonisi wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 19:10, Rick Johnson wrote:
> [snip]
> > Personally, I'd like to see the Licensing resolved and RH include their 
> > packages since they fit a bit "cleaner" into the Red Hat distribution.
>   Um, maybe I'm missing something, but what licensing are you referring
> to?  As best as I can tell, it's GPLed and has been for some time.  Even
> the binary packages I grabbed from mysql.com have the 'License:' tag set
> to 'GPL'.
If you look back through the list, I early sent a reply from RedHat's 
maintener of the MySQL rpm's.  The basic issue was, if I recall correctly
(maybe I need to look back through the list (-;) was that it was LGPL,
and they switched to GPL.  The result, with my feeble understanding of 
these matters, is that anyone who creates an app that uses the MySQL
database would in turn have to GPL there app (or at least, there schema, 
but with the clients being GPL rather than LGPL probably all).  I can
certainly see why RedHat would have a problem with that.


P.S. If you look at the change log on the MySQL packages you will
see mention of the licensing issue also, although the specific
licenses are not mentioned.

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