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Re: Mount Other filesystems

Maynard Kuona wrote:

I think this is the biggest omission (OK maybe not), but I think Redhat
needs to configure itself to automatically mount FAT partitions without
requiring the user do that.

I think this may have more to do with FAT32 support being technically in *Alpha* stage (or at least that was the warning I saw before installing rhgb) ... though I have not heard of problems with FAT32.

In fact, it should mount any partitions it
recognizes automatically, and give them names in some determined way.

That may stir up some controversy... especially if it any corruption of data occurred as a result.

This could always be changed in fstab. It really irritates that after
installing Redhat 9, I have to mount the partitions manually. I know I
can do it during install, but its still too damn hard.

I think that is the hard part... ease of use, or ensuring other filesystems will stay safe.

And a graphical client to set up partitions wouldn't hurt either.

Agreed... isn't there a way we could run disk druid post install to replace using fdisk and mkfs?.. and have it push changes to the fstab?


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