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Re: Yum, autoupdate (was: Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical)

> Heh, bet you have stumbled upon apt.conf at some point :)
> Configurability is nice but does have its downsides...

ultimately it's not just apt that makes me worry about config formats.
It's everything with massive number of config options and layouts for

apache is not trivial to configure, for example, but that isn't
unreasonable considering it is a webserver and therefore you will have a
lot of things to configure.

But if I'm an end user I don't want to have to read 75 pages of
documentation in order to update my machine. Ideally I don't want to
read ANY docs, I just want it to work when I want the updates.

If I want to add some new repositories and do things that are outside of
the 'normal' then, sure, I should be expected to have to learn a little
something about configuring the program. But hopefully it will be VERY
little. Right now I think setting up an additional repository in yum 
has a fairly small and gentle learning curve. I'd like for it to either
get easier or stay at least as it is.


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