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Re: Mount Other filesystems

Maynard Kuona wrote:

But Mandrake and others do it,

install windows after linux, you will have the nt-boot-loader in your mbr.

should redhat follow this but_others_do_it - example too ?

so it must be relative harmless

sorry, i feel really good with the redhat-way,

do you know the average windows-user skills and argumentation ?
@home-user  or  @work-user  or  @work-admin


a few weeks agoo @home-user

win-user> can you please install linux on my pc ?

me> sure, dual-boot with existing w2k_fat16
me> but first without access on your win-partition!

a few days later

win-user> since you have installed rhl
win-user> the soundcard is damaged!
win-user> and this win-program crashes every time!
win-user> and this win-problem, and this ...

me> oops,
me> i don´t believe
me> sound in linux, works
me> in windows, no sound - 1 minute later
me> do you know the button "mute" ?
me> the evaluation-time for  this program is exceeded !
me> and ...

win-user> I have done NOTHING! this was LINUX!
win-user> LINUX must have changed something on MY WINDOWS-PARTITION!
win-user> ...!

me> per default rhl is not able to read/write your win-partition
me> this cannot be the reason.

win-users-son> this sound-problem is since 1/2 year,
win-users-son> dad bought new speakers, without success :-)
win-users-son> the other problems are not new :-)
win-users-son> i like linux :-)

because I
do not see complaints about it. Its a easy enough to do it in fstab, but
I think it should be available on install. I thought anyoe could do
VFAT. I mean, mkfs can make FAT partitions. I do not use NTFS because I
want my other partitions to be available under Linux.

On a side note, is there any such thing as ext3 drivers for windows so I
could maybe access these partitions under Windows.

not tested, but i have really no need for it


you can search google

-- shrek-m

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