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Re: drvblock.img modules are a mismatched kernel version...

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 12:12:06PM -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 July 2003 11:52, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> > You've booted from the CD on the kernel which is matched with the
> > initrd on the CD.  The various driver disks only go with booting off
> > of the boot disks (as the CD can just have all of the drivers, so why
> > worry with driver disks)
> Where are the module files located on the CD then, as the CD does not 
> automatically load a module for the aic79xx SCSI controller, nor is 
> this driver an option when manually selecting a driver (noprobe).

At least there are three modules:

aic79xx, aic7xxx, aic7xxx_old

I checked CD1 Severn with "linux noprobe" and I was able to find
"Adaptec ..." lines with aic79xx and aic7xxx drives (placed beetween

So please double check what are you doing.

If your controller was not recognized by Anaconda automagically you
probably will want to boot to rescue mode (linux rescue), look what
modules are loaded (lsmod) and then (if no module for your SCSI adapter
has been loaded) try to post output of command:

lspci -v

                        Milan Kerslager
                        E-mail: milan kerslager pslib cz
                        WWW:    http://www.pslib.cz/~kerslage/

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