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RE: ACPI/PCMCIA, cdrom/smartd, VESA settings issues with laptop (UPDATE)

Wow. Must have been a late night when I posted the
last message. After having some time to mess around
with system settings, seems that most of my issues
were fairly small. This is what I've come up with:

1. I've always had ACPI problems with this laptop
(with Linux). I was hoping this would work, but...

2. The laptop is about 4 years old, so the harddrive
isn't SMART capable, hence the problems with smartd.
This, though presents a problem for users non-SMART
drives. Since smartd is enabled by default, and it
causes drive errors that then cause Gnome to hang
during login, how is a fairly inexperienced user going
to get past that hurdle?

3. VESA settings (such as vga=788) depend on the order
of kernel options (?). I now have graphical boot
turned off and kernel options as "acpi=off vga=788" in
grub.conf. It seems to also work with graphical boot
turned on (but on the first console).

Andrew L.

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