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Redhat-config-packages can't find CD

I usually try to customize the package selection
during install.  This time, however, I decided to try
to install a fairly minimal system (nothing beyond
basic workstation) and then use the package manager to
install the rest after the first boot. However, I
can't seem to get the package manager to find my CD...
After selecting a few packages (or group of packages)
to install and selecting "install now", the program
asks for the corresponding CD (say, CD #3). I put the
CD in the drive and clik "OK". It asks me for CD #3
again. I verify that the CD is in the drive (I can
mount it and see that it is indeed CD #3) and I click
"OK". It unmounts the CD and asks me for CD #3 again,
and so on. I haven't been able to install a single
package with the package manager because of this.

What's going on??


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