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Re: next up: trying to build/boot a 2.6.0-test[x] kernel

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> Hello Robert,
> > if i tried building from stock
> > source, neither a 2.6.0-test1 nor a 2.6.0-test2 kernel would boot --
> > they would both freeze at the "Freeing unused kernel memory" line.
>  Did you try the suggestion by Jack Bowling to disable vfat mounts in 
> /etc/fstab? Or is that irrelevant to your setup?

ironically, i had a vfat mount in /etc/fstab, but commenting that
out didn't make any difference.

i'm curious *how* it would have made a difference, since from
what i can see, any mounting of vfat filesystems doesn't occur
until later on in the boot process.

very strange.

at this point, i'm trying to clarify how to move over from
/etc/modules.conf to /etc/modprobe.conf cleanly, since that
appears to be the next obvious step with a 2.6.0 kernel.


p.s.  got samba-3.0.0 beta up and verified a simple smbmount.
so far, so good.

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