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Re: re kernel-2.6.0-test: what to do with /etc/modprobe.conf??

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day (rpjday mindspring com) said: 
> >   based on my reading, the new kernel prefers to read from the
> > file /etc/modprobe.conf, rather than the older /etc/modules.conf.
> > 
> >   to help in the migration, there is the utility
> > "generate-modprobe.conf", but in this situation, it doesn't work --
> > it fails complaining of a missing "modprobe.old".
> A new modprobe.conf should be generated on the first upgrade to
> 2.6 capable modutils, with the contents of whatever's in
> modules.conf at the time. Changes aren't kept in sync
> back and forth, however.

but in what way does this help when one starts with a fresh
install of severn, *then* upgrades to a 2.6.x kernel?  that
doesn't involve a modutils upgrade since the new modutils are
there from the beginning in severn, no?

at the moment, on my system -- severn + kernel 2.6.0-test2 --
i have an informative, 7-line /etc/modules.conf file, which 
contains information about my nvidia card, my orinoco wireless
driver and a few other things.  in other words, it's valuable

i also have a lengthy /etc/modprobe.conf.dist full of utterly
generic info.  i want to, if it's possible, automatically generate
a new modprobe.conf based on the older info from modules.conf.

at the moment, i don't see a way to do that since the one utility
that might have helped, /sbin/generate-modprobe.conf (sp?),
is adamant about finding an *old* modprobe version, otherwise
it chokes and dies.  and there *is* no older version on severn.

i'm not asking for changes to be kept in sync back and forth.
i want to go forward just once.  and it appears that there's
no obvious way to do that.


p.s.  am i making any sense?  or am i just embarrassing
myself as usual?

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