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Re: VNC Installation

It's explained in the release notes. Just pass "vnc" as kernel boot
parameter. The only problem I had with this is that you have to manually
assign an IP address to the system using ifconfig on console #2. I've
already filed a bug in bugzilla on this issue.

I had the same problem.  I stumbled onto another workaround.  If you type
'linux askmethod vnc' rather than 'linux vnc' it will pick up a dhcp

The down side is that you still have to go over to console #2 and do an
'ifconfig' to see what the address is since it was DHCP assigned and I'm
not a savant (idiot yes, savant no...)

So it would be nice if A) it would go through the static/dynamic address
assignment process before starting the VNC server and B) print out the IP
address that it is listening on.  That's just my two ever so worthless


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