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[Fwd: Bug in network install]

Please excuse me if this ends up being a duplicate.  I sent it
originally before I joined the list, and I don't believe it ever made it
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I think I might have found a problem in the network install code, but I
wanted to see if anyone else has been having the same problem before I
file a bug (Or make sure it's not already reported).

It seems that when doing an http install, anaconda appends a second / to
URLs when it tries to grab stage2.img.  A good example can be seen in
Matt Whiteley's e-mail on the 23th entitled "Network Install Failure"
that I found in the archives.

The URL in his case was, which
is handled fine since apache deals properly with the extra slashes.  The
problem occurs when you're trying to install from a public_html
directory that belongs to a user.  In my case it was attempting to grab, which isn't handled
cleanly by any version of apache that I've tested.

Any idea why the extra slash would be showing up?  If not, I'll file a
bug on this once I track down my bugzilla password.

(Note: I'm currently waiting for some DNS changes to propagate that
should fix my broken MX record.  In the meantime, I'll be reading
replies from the archives) 

Gregory Boyce <gboyce rakis net>

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