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Re: Seawolf -> Fedora?

Warren Togami wrote:

up2date, yum, or apt headers.  You can optionally use yum or apt for
package management.  All mirrors that maintain themselves often will
contain security updates during the release period.

So the only real change is that you should probably manually find a fast
fedora mirror near you and configure your up2date settings accordingly. This has the benefit that you never need to fill out the demo
questionnaire form anymore. This also reduces the bandwidth burden on
Red Hat, so all the freebie users no longer cost them money.

So, there will not be a Fedora Channel on RHN?
Am I understanding this correctly?
If this is the case, why does Fedora include rhn_applet and rhn_register?

As a *paying* RHN subscriber, I use RHN to manage my shrike boxes. Do I lose this ability when I upgrade to fedora?

Am I missing something?


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