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Re: Fedora Core 1 Test Update: postgresql-7.3.4-10

On Friday 21 November 2003 01:43 pm, David Jee wrote:
> FYI, the GUI tools will not be integrated into Fedora Core at this
> present time.  Our latest GUI tools depend on a proprietary JVM that
> implements AWT and Swing, so they are not eligible for inclusion in
> Fedora.  We hope that we will eventually be able to compile and run them
> against libgcj, at which point we can integrate them into Fedora.

I kindof was afraid of that.

> However, the GUI tools will be available via sources.redhat.com/rhdb
> very soon.  We are also planning on setting up a yum-repository for all
> RHDB packages.

Are these different from the ones that hae been available there for some time?  
If so, how different?

> I want to mention two things about the rh-postgresql packages.  The
> first is that the backported patches in rh-postgresql are actually
> rolled into a giant 7.2M patch, which is a diff between the pristine
> 7.3.4 branch and our own branch that contains the backports.

How does this relate to version 7.4?  Are most of the backports from 7.4?  
(I'm thinking most are, but....)

> Another thing I'm wondering is whether it would be worthwhile to keep a
> pristine set of upstream postgresql packages.  For example, if for some
> reason something fails in the "rh-postgresql" set of packages, one can
> go back to the "postgresql" set of packages and see where the problem
> is.  What do you think about this?

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think that's good.  SuSE syncs up 
periodically with my packages, too, as do other distributors, I'm sure.  So 
probably a good thing to keep it that way.

I released 7.4 upstream packages today, based on the work Kaj did, and built 
for Fedora Core.  They have trouble building on older dists, but I'm working 
on that.
Lamar Owen
Director of Information Technology
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
1 PARI Drive
Rosman, NC  28772

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