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Re: Dead keys doesnt work on Severn "NÃO INFORMAÇÃO (just a test)"

Ok. I'm going to send you a few words with dead keys, and you check it
on Outlook.

matéria, gráficos, botões, opção, conteúdo

It appears lile:
matéria, gráficos, botões, opção, conteúdo

I'm using latest Evolution fromr awhide, and Kopete 0.7.1 for instant

Em Seg, 2003-09-15 às 12:40, Alexandre Oliva escreveu:
> On Sep 15, 2003, Thiago Vinhas de Moraes <thiago jampanight com br> wrote:
> > When I send mail to myself, I can read it properly.
> Please send such e-mail (with accents in the subject) to me, I'd like
> to see how it looks like.  Odds are that Outlook Express doesn't
> adhere to the MIME specs.
> > But people using Outlook Express and ICQ see a mess.
> ICQ, I could understand.  Odds are that its wire protocol isn't UTF-8
> (or it doesn't even specify the encoding), which implies both ends
> must choose the same encoding to have any hope of taking something
> sensible.  And then, if you want to talk to more than one person, and
> they use different encodings, you're in trouble.
> > What's the proper configuration for /etc/sysconfig/i18n to use the
> > br-abnt2 keyboard layout and use dead keys?
> Keyboard layout and dead keys have nothing to do with the problem, if
> I understand it correctly.  It has to do with representation of
> non-ASCII characters.  In /etc/sysconfig/i18n, you can change the
> default encoding to iso-8859-1 from UTF-8 by modifying LANG, and even
> though this will give you compatibility with those using iso-8859-1,
> it will break compatibility with those using UTF-8.  There's no good
> solution before everybody agrees on a standard encoding.  GOTO

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