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Re: Version naming

Nils Philippsen wrote:

a thing I wanted to ask you for quite some time (but never got around to
doing it) is: What equipment do you use for taking your pictures -- a
digicam, SLR -> print -> scanner, SLR -> slide/negative -> film scanner?
The strong colors of your pictures are awesome!

I usually take slides and scan them with my Minolta Dimâge Scan Dual
(yes the one without SANE backend :-() and am a bit disappointed by the
kinda "washed out" colors I get in the end (even with gamma correction,
various ImageMagick and GIMP trickery applied afterwards).

TIA for any hints,

I use a Canon D60 (a digital SLR camera). Lots of people compare the saturation of colors and the general "feel" of the photos to those shot with slide film.

You can see more of my photography at http://linuxart.com/ (although, I have a bunch that's not on the site at the moment, due to disk space limitations).


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