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Re: Games you want to include in Fedora Core.

Paul Jakma wrote:
On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Michael A. Peters wrote:

The bsd games - particularly rogue and wumpus and adventure.

I'd love to see bsd-games back in the distribution, particularly for the excellent 'atc'.


I don't play many games. My wife does and likes the games similar to tile matching and puzzles. Making improvements to these games, like adding sounds and a wider range of tilesets (And full-screen modes) would probably add to pursuade more common users to the linux platform.

Educational games for children with sound, animated cute characters and educative challenges might help with entertaining and building younger user into future linux users.

In general, children seem to have no problem navigating through the GUI menus. finding entertainment and educational tools for their usage is a bit harder.

Myself, asteroids like games, solotaire as it stands is about all that I really have tried. A pinball type game might find some minor interest for me on rare occasions.


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