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Re: Problems after reinstall


> > I backed up /etc, /var and /usr to another drive,
> How did you back up /usr?

cp -a /mnt/l2/usr/* /mnt/linux/usr/

All filestamps and such were kepts and checked.

> > detached the lot and reinstalled FC3 clean.
> Contrary to what that name may suggest any stuff in /usr which
> is not /usr/local basically is not yours.

I know ;-)

> > 
> > -> ldconfig
> > /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/libwx_base_xml-2.5.so.2 is not a symbolic link
> > 
> > /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/libamu.so.2 is not a symbolic link
> ......
> Removing all files from that list, i.e. things like
> "/usr/lib/libamu.so.2" and not /sbin/ldconfig and reruning
> 'ldconfig' should fix that.  Probably better do that
> after 'telinit 1'.  But that means that you really did not
> "reinstal FC3 clean"

I installed FC3 clean from the CDs - wiped the partitions, selected
packages, you know, did it clean.

The only ldconfig I have are in /sbin/ldconfig. I log in as me and the
su, sbin is not on the path, so I have to run /sbin/ldconfig.

> > ImportError: /usr/lib/librpm-4.3.so: undefined symbol: rpm_execcon
> Possibly caused by errors in ldconfig run; but what about 'rpm -V yum'?

That rpm wasn't installed!

> Essentially your system should check clean with 'rpm -Va' (some
> timestamp differences and changes in log and configuration files
> will be ok).  Redirect an output to a file and check later.

It is coming up with a lot of prelink errors

/usr/lib/libkscan.so.1.0.0: at least of file's dependencies has changed
since prelinking

(for example) 

Could my problems just be that prelink needs to be run again? If it is,
how do I do that?


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